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Founded in 2000, this online encyclopaedia on traditional China provides in a clearly arranged way information on a wide range of topics in Chinese history, literature, philosophy, art, and other themes.
It relies mainly on Chinese-language secondary sources an thus gives access to information rarely found in Western books. This is particularly interesting for those not able or not brave enough to read Chinese. The encyclopaedic character of the website enables the reader to gain quick access to specialized themes and questions, also with the support of indexes.

The encylcopaedie includes more than 2,000 articles on traditional Chinese literature, with descriptions of individual texts and literary genres, and more than 800 biographies of persons from mythological times to the Qing period.

Due to my own research (see about the publisher) the themes administrative history and economic history have a somewhat prominent place.

Recent addition: Description of the History of the Grand Canal (March 2016)

I would like to apologize for any errors or typos in the texts which frequently occur because English is not my mother tongue, and I am grateful for any hints by my readers pointing to errors in typing, language, and content.

Woodblock picture of a ship, from the handicrafts compendium Tiangong kaiwu 天工開物.

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