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Persons in Chinese History - Zhu Yuyue 朱聿𨮁, Prince of Tang 唐王, the Shaowu Emperor 紹武

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Zhu Yuyue 朱聿𨮁 (died 1646), known as the Shaowu Emperor 紹武 (r. 1646), was one of the emperors of the Southern Ming 南明 (1644-1661). He was a younger brother of Zhu Yujian 朱聿鍵, the Longwu Emperor 隆武 (r. 1645-1646). When the Longwu Emperor was captured in Dingzhou 汀州, Fujian, by the invading troops of the Manchus, Zhu Yujian fled to Guangdong, and in the eleventh month of 1646 the Grand Academicians (daxueshi 大學士) Su Guansheng 蘇觀生 and Gu Yuanjing 顧元鏡 urged him to adopt the title of emperor. Zhu Yujian chose the reign motto Shaowu 紹武 "Continuation of War". At the same time Qu Shisi 瞿式耜 made the Prince of Gui 桂王, Zhu Youlang 朱由榔, emperor in Zhaoqing 肇慶, Guangdong. The latter adopted the reign motto Yongli 永曆 (r. 1646-1661). Both regimes began to fight against each other, and the armies of the Shaowu Emperor appeared to prevail. Yet after only a five weeks of reign his empire was destroyed. The Qing general Li Chengdong 李成棟 conquered Guangzhou 廣州, and the Shaowu Emperor was captured and hanged himself. His temple name is Emperor Wenzong 明文宗.

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