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Jinizi 計倪子 "Master Jini"

The Jinizi 計倪子 "Master Jini", also called Jiranzi 計然子 "Master Jiran" or Ji Yan 計{石+兒=研}, was a book attributed to the thinker Xin Jian 辛銒, courtesy name Xin Wenzi 辛文子, style Jini 計倪 or Ji Ran 計然, who lived during the Spring and Autumn period 春秋 (770-5th cent. BCE) and is, as a philospher, better known with the name Wenzi 文子. He came from Caiqiu 葵丘 (modern Lankao 蘭考, Henan) and was professor in the famous Jixia Academy 稷下 in the capital of the state of Qi 齊.
The book Jinizi survives as the chapter Jini neijing 計倪內經 "Inner chapter of Jini" in the book Yuejueshu 越絕書, a history of the state of Yue 越. It is composed as a dialogue between Jini and King Goujian 勾踐 (r. 495- 465) of Yue, in which arguments are brought forward to strengthen the government by supporting the livelihood of the people.

Source: Zhang Lihua 張立華 (ed. 1998), Qunjing baizi mingyan leidian 群經百子名言類典, p. 1129. Beijing: Zhongguo qingnian chubanshe.

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