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Shilei fu zhu 事類賦註 "Commented Rhapsodies on Categorized Matters"

The Shilei fu zhu 事類賦註 "Commented rhapsodies on categorized matters", often abbreviated to Shileifu 事類賦, original name Yiziti fu 一字題賦 "Rhapsodies on Single Words" and shortly called Shileifu 事類賦, is an encyclopedia compiled and annotated by the Song period 宋 (960-1279) scholar Wu Shu 吳淑. The commentary was written by Wu himself and is an integral part of the book. Wu Shu participated in the compilation of the large, officially issued encyclopedias Taiping yulan 太平御覽, Taiping guangji 太平廣記 and Wenyuan yinghua 文苑英華 and has also compiled the books Jiang-Huai yiren lu 江淮異人錄 and Mige xiantan 秘閣閑談. He finished his encyclopedia Shilei fu zhu in 993. It is 30 juan "scrolls" long and divided into 14 parts, covering 100 topics. The original size was 20 juan, and it was later expanded to 30 juan. The Qing period 清 (1644-1911) scholar Hua Ximin 華希閔 has written an extension, the Guang shilin fu 廣事類賦 in 40 juan.
The Shilei fu zhu is a general encyclopedia covering many field of knowledge, from astronomy to biology. The title is derived from the fact that each topic is decribed in the shape of a rhapsody or poem (fu 賦), and the commentary, written by the author himself, is explaining the sentences. This arrangement contributed to the high literary quality of the encyclopedia. It was estimated as a valuable book in former times.
The earliest print dates from 1146 and was made by the Tea and Salt Commission Office (chayansi 茶鹽司). The most widespread Qing period print is that of Hua Xihong's 華希閎 Jianguang Studio 劍光閣 from 1746. It was also printed in 1813 by Huang Pilie 黃丕烈 in his reprint series Shiliju congshu 士禮居叢書. The Shileifu is included in the reprint series Siku quanshu 四庫全書. In 1989 the Zhonghua shuju press 中華書局 published a modern edition.

Shileifu tongbian 事類賦統編

The Shileifu tongbian 事類賦統編 is collection of encyclopedias compiled by the Qing period 清 (1644-1911) scholar Huang Baozhen 黃葆真. It is a joint publication of a series of encyclopedias based on the model of the Song period 宋 (960-1279) book Shilei fu zhu 事類賦注 by Wu Shu 吳淑, and includes the following supplements:
Guang shileifu 廣事類賦 by Hua Ximin 華希閔
Xuguang shileifu 續廣事類賦 by Wang Fengjie 王鳳喈
Guangguang shileifu 廣廣事類賦 by Wu Shizhan 吳世旃, and
Shileifu buyi 事類賦補遺 by Zhang Jun 張均
The books are not arranged separately, but the entries have been dispersed according to encyclopedic themes, so that the Tongbian can be viewed as a book by its own, and not as a series. The sources are, nevertheless, indicated, so that the five originals can be identified. Huang Baozhen added some poems from the encyclopedias Yuanjian leihan 淵鑒類函 and Fenlei zijin 分類字錦, which are appended to the end of each chapter of the Tongbian.
Hua Ximin's 華希閔 Guang shileifu 廣事類賦 dates from 1699, is 40 juan long and includes 27 chapters and 291 rhapsodies. It was printed in 1774 by the Jianguang Studio 劍光閣.
Wang Fengjie's 王鳳喈 Xuguang shileifu 續廣事類賦 was compiled in 1798, is 30 juan long and includes 11 chapters.
Wu Shizan's 吳世旃 Guangguang shileifu 廣廣事類賦 is 32 juan long and includes 19 chapters with 137 rhapsodies. The preface dates from 1808.
Zhang Jun's 張均 Sheileifu buyi 事類賦補遺 is 14 juan long. It dates from the Jiaqing reign 嘉慶 (1796-1820).

Li Xueqin 李學勤, Lü Wenyu 呂文鬰 (1996). Siku da cidian 四庫大辭典, vol. 2, p. 2037. Changchun: Jilin daxue chubanshe.
Zhao Hankun 趙含坤 (2005). Zhongguo leishu 中國類書, pp. 81-82, 381, 423, 428, 434, 437-438. Shijiazhuang: Hebei renmin chubanshe.

Contents of the Shilei fu zhu
1.-3. 天 Tian Heaven
4.-5. 歲時 Suishi Seasons and time
6.-8. 地 Di The Earth
9.-10. 寶貨 Baohuo Jewels and commodities
11. 樂 Yue Music
12.-14. 服用 Fuyong Clothes and utensils
15.-16. 什物 Shiwu Miscellaneous objects
17. 飲食 Yinshi Drinking and food
18.-19. 禽 Qin Birds
20.-23. 獸 Shou Beasts
24.-25. 草木果鱗介 Caomu, guo, linjie Herbs and trees, fruits, and scaly animals
26. 蟲 Chong Worms and insects
Chinese literature according to the four-category system

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